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Professional Ceramic Tile & Stone Consulting


TCA Team's specialists can work with you at any stage of construction. Our specialists are independent consultants located across the United States. We have a resource of consultants - some of whom have specialized in specific construction disciplines, so they can investigate various situations.


Specifications & Quality Control
-Design Specifications
-Plan & Specification Review
-Quality Control
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-Job Problem Analysis
-Repair Feasibility Studies

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Forensic Research
-Sample Testing
-Mold Investigation

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Expert Witness
-Insurance Claim Investigation

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As with many specialized construction disciplines, TCA Team specialists can review your plans and specifications to verify that they meet your performance expectations. Our team of independent consultants keeps abreast of the latest industry standards, materials, and specification guidelines.

The TCA Team offers consultations before you start a ceramic tile installation project to identify specifications and recommended installation methods and conditions for exterior and interior floors and walls, ceilings, bathtub walls, countertops, renovations, shower receptors, steam rooms, swimming pools, fire- and sound-related assemblies, etc. We can recommend uses, limitations, requirements, materials, and preparations by other trades based on industry guidelines in the Tile Council of North America's Handbook for Ceramic Tile Installation, American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards and American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) test methods.

The TCA Team can develop a quality control system that provides you field representation at critical stages of construction to ensure your project meets performance standards and to reduce your risk of installation failure.


TCA Team provides confidential inspections for ceramic tile installations. Our on-site investigations support an unbiased analysis of the situation written in a confidential report with photographic documentation, when required.

When necessary, we collect tile samples for forensic testing to determine performance, composition and other key characteristics of materials used in the application. This forensic data helps consultants identify probable causes for an installation failure.


TCA Team offers forensic tile expertise in specification interpretation, sample testing, and repair recommendations.

Our team has at its disposal North America's leading ceramic tile testing facility, the TCA Product Performance Testing Laboratory, to conduct necessary ANSI, ISO and ASTM tests.


TCA Team consultants have worked extensively with attorneys, insurance companies, contractors, vendors and homeowners to provide expert testimony and depositions and they can review case depositions. Our team keeps abreast of new technological advances through its affiliation with key industry standards, testing and methods trade committees and government and regulatory agencies.


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